Affiliates Programme

The Online Topographical Skills Course Programme – The primary purpose of this network is to get our courses in front of a larger audience.

Affiliates bring new candidates to the website. It takes our affiliate partners time and effort to select and integrate courses onto their websites, emails, newsletters, and social media promotions. We work off a commission structure with affiliates that is competitive with industry standards.

Revenue Sharing with Affiliates
We have a variable revenue sharing model where you earn more depending on the amount of candidates you refer, so the more you refer the higher we increase your referral percentage.  We offer up to 40% revenue share of our courses.


Things to Note:

Affiliate Window: The “cookie window” for an affiliate is up to 90 days. This means anyone you have referred has up to 90 days to complete the transaction in order for you to earn the referral fee.

Vetting Process: When deciding whether to accept an affiliate into our network, we look at how many unique visitors land on the affiliate site every month and if the nature of business the affiliate partner is suitable to us. We only approve affiliates that have the potential to become large traffic generators and we don’t accept sites with the potential to harm our brand (ie. spammy, inappropriate, etc.)

Always Improving: We’re constantly improving the course content and facilities for our affiliate partners.  If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

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